Image Transformation

Transform, adjust and stylize your images in every possible way.

Resize, crop, enhance, embed watermarks, and fine-tune every visual aspect of your images. Detect faces and apply creative filters with just a few lines of code.

Exercise absolute control over your pixels.

Pixaven API provides you with virtually unlimited possibilites for pixel manipulation powered by high-performance image rendering engine.

Resizing and Scaling

Resizing and Scaling

Take complete control over image geometry with multiple modes of image resizing. In each mode, Pixaven API will yield images in perfect proportions. Additionally, Image Scaling allows you to rescale your visuals by a given factor without the need of providing exact dimensions.

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Cropping and Face Detection

Cropping and Face Detection

Easily extract interesting portions of the image or remove unwanted parts with Image Cropping. Pixaven's advanced face detection algorithms enable you to quickly perform face cropping operations. This, in conjunction with masking, will generate perfect avatars from the user-uploaded content.

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Protect your visual content from unauthorized circulation by embedding watermarks into your images. Pixaven stores your watermark images locally and gives you multiple options to control their geometry (resizing and scaling), alignment, padding and alpha transparency.

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Adjustments and Enhancements

Adjustments and Enhancements

Fine-tune every visual parameter of your images. From brightness and saturation to exposure and sharpening. Our enhancement algorithms will automatically adjust the image's shadow details, contrast and color of a face to give pleasing skin tones. Pixaven will also repair red eye artifacts due to camera flash.

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Stylizing and Filtering


Apply creative filters to give your images a signature look. From multiple modes of image blurring through sepia, monochrome or halftone to color isolation. Stack together multiple stylizing operations within a single API call to make your images pop. Your imagination is the only limit here.

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